Baby Longlegs / by Courtney Mehlhaff

My sister recently dreamed that one of her best friends had a baby. In theory, this is nothing exciting. However, when her friend introduced this baby to the world, it turned out that she had birthed not a human child, but a tiny giraffe. Not like a hybrid, but a straight-up giraffe. And this seemed not to bother her or her husband one bit.  They were thrilled with their little spotted bundle, lengthy neck and all.

My sister, on the other hand, found herself worrying about the baby's future.

"It's a giraffe.  All right.  But this isn't always going to be okay, is it?"

Her concern had more to do with practicality than interspecies prejudice, because her next thought was, "I mean, I know their house has high ceilings, but . . ."

She had just decided to research animal sanctuaries when she woke up.

She laughed about it all morning and then shared the dream during a group lunch at work -- and then laughed even harder. Because after hearing the scenario of a woman giving birth to a baby giraffe, one of her coworkers simply said,

"Well, as long as it's healthy."