Call Me Miss Muffet / by Courtney Mehlhaff

An excerpt from a horrifying story online today:

A studio apartment is typically suited for one occupant. But Dylan Baumann has been forced to coexist with about 40 lodgers in his small living space in Omaha, Nebraska. Even worse, the new tenants are potentially deadly recluse spiders.Still, even with the near-constant threat of venomous spider bites, Baumann has decided to stay in his apartment until his lease is up in September.

"It's mainly just learning to cope with them," he said. "Pushing your bed away from the wall, pulling out your bed skirt, making sure nothing is touching the walls, shaking off your clothes before you put them on, after you get out of the shower, shake out your towel, knock out your shoes at night. It's just kind of learning to not get bit."

The two absolute best comments left by readers:

1) here's what you do. take shoe in hand, squash spider. repeat 39 times.

2) Does anyone else find it odd that so many recluse spiders live together?