All Is Vanity / by Courtney Mehlhaff

I keep a running list of vanity plates that strike me as clever, weird, or just plain odd.  They always cause me to make assumptions about the drivers. 

BAH HUM on a VW Bug (a real Scrooge)

RAINSUX on a convertible (brilliant)

NOMOBUS (upwardly mobile)

SNUGASA on a VW Bug (just adorable)

YW84NE1  (speed demon)

ILND747 (a pilot, I hope)

WEBIRIE (mellow and munchy)

SOL MAN (sun-loving musician)

BADJUJU (voodoo priest)

FROMGOD (televangelist)

PLNAHED (insurance salesman)

BUGEATR (Survivor contestant)

G8R B8T (timid wildlife wrangler)

OBLADA (Beatles fan)

OKMOM (obedient student)

CPETEGO (Pete, naturally)

MEAGAIN (stalker)

OTRLMTS (sci-fi fan)

TIE FTR (casually dressed Star Wars fan)

NERD (Trekkie fan of Pharrell)

JFKII (not a convertible, I hope)

PETRPAN (child at heart)

SMYSOSA (home run fan)

GREYMAN (aging alien lover)

1BUSYB (a real honey)

BRM BRM (Harry Potter fan)

GUDRUN (marathoner)

BGENKI (happy Japanese)

OBENTO (hungry Japanese)

OTCHTLR (over the counter Hitler?!)




I welcome any suggestions about the last four!