Deviled Eggs / by Courtney Mehlhaff

For Easter this year, my mom got me something very appropriate to a kid's basket: a coloring book. But, you know, an "adult" coloring book, which is (sadly) not as dirty as it sounds and is currently all the rage among people who want to unplug and unwind while doing something vaguely artistic.

And I have to admit, breaking in those amazing, brand new colored pencils while watching NCAA basketball was a supremely pleasant way to spend an afternoon. When the game was over, I had a bright and lovely page suitable to hang on anyone's refrigerator.

But I recalled an article my mom had sent me in jest several weeks before. Obviously written by a legit crazy person, it was all about how adult coloring books were dangerous to Christians because they often included mandalas as designs.

If you're unfamiliar with mandalas, they are beautiful geometric symbols that represent the universe, and they're typically used in Hindu or Buddhist religions. This ludicrous article claimed that concentrating on these images while coloring them could open Christians up to evil.

My mom sent it to me like, "Can you even believe this junk?"

So when I finished my first coloring page, which happened to be one of these instruments of Beelzebub, I tore out the sheet and addressed an envelope to her. On the back of the mandala, I simply wrote this:

Dear Margaret,  Join me.  Satan

My mom said it made her week.