Nevertheless, He Persisted / by Courtney Mehlhaff

Some friends of mine have a very smart 5-year-old who never misses a thing (even when you think he's not paying attention). Unsurprisingly, the looming specter of our current president occupies his thoughts somewhat obsessively. 

His mom was recently talking to him about the importance of playing nicely with others. He listened carefully and then declared, "You know who I don't want to share my toys with? Donald Trump!" His mother assured him this would likely never be an issue.

One evening at their house, he was asking an endless stream of questions about 45 after one of the adults (probably me) forgot that mentioning DT would set the kid off. His parents gave a few answers and then said we wouldn't talk about someone so unpleasant anymore.

He considered this very thoughtfully for a few moments. Then he stated matter-of-factly, "OK. We can talk about Elizabeth Warren."