Homeslice / by Courtney Mehlhaff

So I've officially been a homeowner for a couple weeks now. Here are the top five things that have happened since moving in (mostly bug-related):

5. My dad helped reclaim the basement from the spiders, who had established a kingdom with primitive laws and the beginnings of a language.

4. I sprayed one of those spiders with insecticide, and it actually turned around and came after me, like "I KNOW you didn't just try to kill me, bitch!"

3. I was chased inside by a huge moth-like creature that attacked me every time I fired up the weed whacker.

2. Some handy friends spent a weekend here fixing things, including wiring lights and regrouting the shower, and somehow amid all the electricity and pointy tools, I was the only one who got hurt -- I managed to rip my elbow open carrying an empty box down the stairs.

1. I encountered a mystery bug outside the bathroom and said the following: "I don't even know what you ARE, but I can't fight you naked."

Early adventures. More to come, I'm sure.