Duct and Cover / by Courtney Mehlhaff

There's a piece of gray tape haphazardly slapped over the camera on my work laptop. Here's how it got there.

I had to call into an online meeting one morning, and since I was the first person to log on, the web service somehow recognized me as the current host. It took this recognition literally by activating my camera and projecting video of my face onto the screen.

Did I mention I was working from home that day? And had literally rolled out of bed and switched on my computer? So the image staring back was my disheveled self, complete with bed head and in full pajamas, like a real sleepy weirdo just slouched on my couch.

The instant that feed from my living room went live, I hit the deck as if shots had been fired. I couldn't get back onto my keyboard to remedy the situation, so I crawled across the floor army-style and fetched the quickest fix I could think of -- and indeed, the best fix for many of life's problems -- duct tape.

But in order to apply it, I had to sneak up on my computer from behind like a frickin' assassin and stick it over the camera before I could safely sit down again, in all my groggy glory. 

Fool me once, WebEx, shame on me. And tape on you.