Christmas in July / by Courtney Mehlhaff

There are days when adulting is hard. We have to vote, and floss, and mow the lawn, and exchange pleasantries with awful people. Jobs must be kept. Bills must be paid. Responsible things must be purchased, like healthy food, insurance, and toilet paper. 

But then there are days when adulting is awesome. Drinks can be taken. Bedtimes ignored. Serious money spent on not-so-serious things. 

A friend once told me that he was waiting at a big-box electronics store counter to pick up Christmas gifts he'd ordered online. He was silently hating the drudgery of checking things off his list of tasks when the salesperson handed him his packages: video game systems for his wife's father and brother.

As he walked out the door, a brand new Xbox casually tucked under each arm, he saw a young boy's jaw drop open in sheer jealous wonder. And he thought to himself, "Yeah. That's right, kid. Being a grown-up is the best."