Cracking Up / by Courtney Mehlhaff

A while back, I was on a real graham cracker kick. They just make such a great nighttime snack -- sweet and crunchy and oh so comforting. They're essentially cookies, which is why they go so great with milk, and for several weeks I indulged like a greedy child before bed.

One morning, I came out of my bedroom to find my plate and glass on the living room floor, which was covered with crumbs, as was my sofa. And I said out loud, "That's IT! No more graham crackers!"

But I said it with the same vehemence and disgust one would expect from someone finding heroin needles, or lines of coke, or empty bottles of gin, or sleepy hookers scattered about after a bender. The level of disappointment and newfound resolve was the same.

All I'm saying is this: Maybe just this week, we could try not to be so hard on ourselves. I know it's all relative, and everyone is fighting their own private battles, but let's try to keep our vices in perspective, shall we?

(A Pinterest intervention is probably inevitable, though.)