Fun with Wrong Numbers / by Courtney Mehlhaff

Here's the random text message I got last week:

Even though I didn't recognize the number, for a split second I wondered whether I had blacked out and hired a therapist and then been callous enough to miss an appointment. In any case, I didn't think it warranted a response. But a few minutes later I got this:

Now, this seemed like important information. So I texted back a polite reply:

This, I was sure, would end our little conversation. But then came the follow-up:

I mean, seriously, WTF. What difference would that make? I still don't know you. So I replied:

That was a bit saucy, I'll admit, but I couldn't help myself. Yet even that didn't shut it down, because apparently this doctor thought he or she was dealing with a real trickster. We finished out the exchange like this:


I hope that doc eventually found the right digits. I hope the intended recipient is getting the help they need. But most of all, I hope those children got some new folders and notebooks. Because that's the best part of going back to school -- which, incidentally, also begins with S.