Camp WhataWhata? / by Courtney Mehlhaff

I was walking through the skyway yesterday when I caught one of the weirdest snippets of conversation I've ever heard.

Two middle-aged guys were passing me in the opposite direction. One guy clapped his hand on the other one's back and said, " . . . but how did you end up naked, at camp, and on fire?"

If it wouldn't have been so painfully obvious, I would have whipped a 180 right there and followed them just to hear his reply.

A few seconds later, faintly and in the distance, I heard the same guy say, "That's crazy, man."

This was, in my opinion, an unnecessary comment, given the setup of the story previously established. By definition, the answer to the initial question was going to be next-level bonkers.

But it made me laugh all the way to work, so I'm happy you're now clothed and extinguished, sir.