Bad Grammar Makes Me Sic / by Courtney Mehlhaff

My sister texted me the other morning for help. With grammar, of course. It's really the only professional situation where it's beneficial to be my sibling.

She was drafting a client letter and wanted to know whether she should use "who" or "whom."

I did a little figuring and confidently proclaimed the winner. And then, out of sheer hubris, I explained the trick for turning the statement into a question to determine which word was correct.

But this text arrived at an uncharacteristically early hour, and I'd typed my response in my PJs in bed. By the time I'd washed my face, brushed my teeth, and shuffled out into the kitchen, the synapses were firing with a bit more precision, and I realized I'd given her the wrong answer entirely.

I quickly texted, "Wait! You're catching me before coffee. It should be whom." I then explained where I'd gone wrong in my sleepy calculations.

She texted back, "THE LETTER IS IN THE MAIL ALREADY!!!!"

Keep in mind that literally eight minutes had passed since our original exchange. I cursed her for being so efficient. She said it was probably fine. I told her it's one of those grammar things that 5% of people understand, but most of them are dicks about it, so the other 95% have decided not to care. 

But still, I felt that I'd failed her, and told her so.

She simply responded, "May God have mercy on your soul."

And that's why I love her.